We Are a Telecommunications and Commercial Real Estate Boutique Law Firm Focused on Representing Clients in Complex Transactions

Our firm is a telecommunications and commercial real estate boutique focused on representing clients in mergers, acquisitions, and other complex transactions. Our Managing Attorney, Angela Floyd, has more than a decade of experience negotiating deals on behalf of tower companies, telecommunications carriers, commercial real estate owners, developers, and other clients in the United States and abroad.

As a boutique law firm with a niche practice, we are able to offer high-quality representation at scale while still maintaining reasonable rates. We prioritize getting to know our clients’ businesses, and, by doing so, we are able to provide practical, forward-thinking, and cost-effective legal advice that reflects each of our clients’ unique risks, priorities, and long-term business goals.

What We Do

By focusing our practice specifically on telecommunications and commercial real estate, we can only do what we do best. We have an in-depth understanding of the issues that impact our clients’ transactions and business operations. We rely on this understanding to negotiate terms and conditions that protect our clients without overreaching. This helps our clients avoid unnecessary conflicts and delays, and it drives value in the face of roadblocks that have the potential to jeopardize our clients’ projects.

Who We Serve

With our focus on telecommunications and commercial real estate deals, our clients primarily include large companies, landowners, and real estate developers. As a result, we understand these entities’ pain points and can address them proactively during the dealmaking and contract negotiation processes. We have successfully closed numerous multi-million-dollar deals on behalf of clients, including (but not limited to):

  • Broadcast station owners
  • Commercial real estate owners and developers
  • Data center owners
  • Energy solution providers
  • Satellite communications systems companies
  • Telecommunications carriers
  • Tower companies
  • Wireless and optical equipment vendors

What We Offer

If your company is preparing to negotiate a deal for the sale or acquisition of telecommunications infrastructure assets, commercial real estate, or any other transaction in the telecommunications or commercial real estate space, why should you choose our firm to get the deal done? As deal counsel, we offer the following:

  • Pre-Deal Due Diligence and Consulting – From the earliest stages, we help our clients evaluate the viability and ROI of potential deals, and we help our clients conduct thorough due diligence before they commit to moving forward.
  • Strategic and Forward-Thinking Contract Negotiations – Relying on more than a decade of relevant experience, Managing Attorney Angela Floyd negotiates clients’ contracts strategically and with a focus on putting them in the best position to achieve their long-term objectives.
  • Insights Backed By More than a Decade of Relevant Experience – As a result of her experience, Managing Attorney Angela Floyd is able to provide clients with the insights they need to make informed decisions at all stages of the deal process.

Contact Us for More Information

If you want to know more about our firm, our experience, or the deals we handle, we invite you to get in touch. Please contact us online to arrange an initial consultation.