We Represent Property Owners, Developers, and Other Businesses in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Commercial real estate transactions present legal risks for all parties involved. We help property owners, developers, purchasers, lessees, financing entities, and other businesses manage these risks throughout the sale process, from due diligence through closing.

Managing Attorney Angela Floyd has over a decade of experience advising clients in connection with commercial real estate transactions involving all types of properties. If your company is preparing to move forward with a transaction, Angela can help ensure you are going into the transaction with a clear understanding of the risks involved. She can negotiate the deal on your company’s behalf and help shepherd the deal toward a timely closing.

Types of Commercial Real Estate Transactions We Handle

We represent companies in connection with all types of commercial real estate transactions. Whether your company is considering an acquisition, lease, or sale, we can help you move forward with confidence. Our commercial real estate practice includes advising and representing companies in connection with the following:

  • Sales and acquisitions of vacant land
  • Sales and acquisitions of office buildings, warehouses, and other developed commercial properties
  • Commercial leasing transactions

We also advise and represent companies in connection with ancillary contract negotiations related to these types of transactions. This includes negotiating contracts with developers, contractors, telecommunications companies, and other parties. We are able to assist with reviewing and negotiating buyers’ financing agreements as well, and reviewing buyers’ financing is often a key component of sellers’ due diligence.

As commercial real estate counsel, we guide our clients through all stages of the deal process. This includes (but is not limited to) providing representation for:

  • Buyers’ and sellers’ due diligence
  • Purchase and sale agreement negotiations
  • Lease agreement negotiation
  • Negotiation of transfers and assignments
  • Managing closing
  • Negotiating contracts for post-acquisition commercial real estate development
  • Renegotiating leases, vendor contracts, and other third-party agreements

Our experience includes managing deals in Puerto Rico, South America, Central America, and Canada. We have helped clients close deals for multi-million-dollar transactions in each of these locations, and we are familiar with the local laws, regulations, and customs that impact commercial real estate transactions in these jurisdictions.

But, much of our commercial real estate practice involves properties much closer to home, and many of our clients are local. We enjoy working with local companies and take the same comprehensive and cost-conscious approach regardless of where our clients are located. If you are looking for experienced legal counsel for a commercial real estate transaction, we encourage you to contact us to learn more.

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