We Focus On Serving the Transactional Needs of Companies in the Telecommunications Industry

Companies involved in all aspects of the telecommunications industry face unique legal challenges daily. This includes challenges that arise in connection with the acquisition of real estate and other assets. We focus on serving the legal needs of companies in the telecommunications industry, and Managing Attorney Angela Floyd has over a decade of experience helping companies overcome challenges to continue innovating and serving their customers.

Within our telecommunications practice, we specifically represent companies in transactional matters. This includes mergers and acquisitions involving telecommunication assets and businesses and commercial real estate deals related to telecommunications infrastructure projects. As a result of our experience in this area, we are intimately familiar with the legal, regulatory, and business risks involved. We rely on this familiarity to help our clients make informed and strategic decisions at all stages of the deal lifecycle.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We represent carriers, tower companies, data center owners, broadcast station owners, and other telecommunications clients in mergers and acquisitions in the United States and abroad. Our cross-border experience includes representing clients in connection with deals in Puerto Rico, South America, Central America, and Canada. We handle mergers and acquisitions involving all types of telecommunications businesses and telecommunications assets sold in standalone transactions.

Due to the unique nature of the telecommunications industry, our clients’ transactions tend to involve a variety of complex issues, and comprehensively and effectively addressing all of these issues is essential for closing deals on favorable terms. Once again, this is where our experience comes into play; this is an area in particular where we can offer substantial value to our clients.

If your company is contemplating a transaction in the telecommunications industry, whether as a prospective seller or a prospective purchaser, we encourage you to contact us as early in the process as possible. If we can get involved early in the process, we can help manage the deal and ensure that it moves toward closing smoothly. With that said, we can also assist with performing due diligence. If compliance issues, concerns about financing, or any other risks make the deal inadvisable as currently proposed, we can assist with either restructuring the deal or pursuing a more suitable alternative.

Commercial Real Estate

Typically, when acquiring telecommunications infrastructure (or deploying new assets), a commercial real estate component will be involved. In conjunction with acquiring or developing assets, telecommunications companies may need to acquire properties, ground or rooftop leases, easements, or other interests in real property. This is another area in which we have significant experience, and we can handle these deals in tandem with negotiating all other necessary agreements.

We also work closely with our clients throughout the deal lifecycle, and we can be most beneficial when engaged as early in the process as possible. Ideally, we can assist our clients with thorough due diligence before they get too far in their price negotiations. Understanding the risks involved with a deal can impact these negotiations significantly, and taking care of due diligence upfront helps ensure that companies avoid any unanticipated roadblocks on the path to closing.

We handle commercial real estate transactions for telecommunications companies involving parcels, structures, and other properties throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, South America, Central America, and Canada. This includes acquiring land with existing towers, existing data centers, commercial leases in rural and urban areas, vacant land, and other assets. As with mergers and acquisitions, each commercial real estate transaction presents unique risks and opportunities. We use the insights gained from our experience to help our clients make informed decisions before moving forward.

Our History in the Telecommunications Industry

Our history in the telecommunications field sets us apart from other boutique law firms. Managing Attorney Angela Floyd spent more than 10 years as Senior Counsel of M&A for one of the world’s largest tower companies before transitioning to private practice. As a result, she is intimately familiar with the legal aspects of complex and high-risk deals involving telecommunications businesses and related assets and business practicalities. Knowing how company executives approach these transactions allows Angela to focus on the issues that matter most while ensuring that her clients’ contracts contain all necessary legal rights and protections.

Angela’s experience within the telecommunications industry is also essential to our ability to provide efficient advice and legal representation to our clients. While other attorneys may need to spend time getting up to speed on the relevant technological and industry-related issues, Angela is well-versed in the relevant concepts and terminology. With experience that includes negotiating deals for communications towers, data centers, edge computing infrastructure, rooftop telecommunications facilities, distributed antenna systems (DAS), and other assets, she is equally comfortable discussing potential integration concerns with operations leaders and negotiating deal terms with opposing counsel.

All of this adds up to uniquely position our firm to provide effective and efficient legal representation for companies in the telecommunications industry. Regardless of the specific type of deal your company is contemplating, where the transaction will take place, and the scope of the project, we have the knowledge, capabilities, and insights required to help get the deal done. We can provide strategic and forward-thinking advice and negotiate all necessary agreements with a focus on securing necessary rights and protections without unduly delaying or jeopardizing the deal.

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