We Serve as Deal Counsel for Communications Companies in the United States and Abroad

Global communications make the modern world go round. Companies involved in all segments of the telecommunications industry play an essential role in today’s economy, and companies in the telecommunications space have more opportunities than ever before. But, seizing these opportunities is where the challenge lies, and companies need to be able to act swiftly based on the advice of experienced legal counsel.

We serve as deal counsel for communications companies in the United States and abroad. Our experience includes negotiating mergers, acquisitions, commercial real estate transactions, and other deals in Puerto Rico, South America, Central America, and Canada—in addition to locations throughout the United States. Managing Attorney Angela Floyd relies on over a decade of industry experience to help company leaders make informed and strategic decisions and to help ensure that our clients close their deals on favorable terms.

Global Communications Clients We Serve

As former Senior Counsel of M&A at one of the world’s largest tower companies, Angela is intimately familiar with the legal and business challenges companies face when pursuing all types of transactions in the telecommunications industry. Today, she uses the insights gained from this experience to advise a broad range of companies in all types of transactional matters. The companies we serve include:

  • Tower companies
  • Telecommunications carriers
  • Broadcast station owners
  • Satellite communications systems companies
  • Wireless and optical equipment vendors and service providers
  • Data center owners
  • Energy solutions providers
  • Commercial property owners

As our practice continues to grow, this list continues to expand. Every day, we talk to business owners, executives, and in-house lawyers at telecommunications companies about the challenges their businesses are facing. By focusing our practice in the areas of telecommunications and commercial real estate transactions, we are constantly building our portfolio of relevant experience, and we are continuing to find new, creative, and cost-effective ways to meet our clients’ legal needs.

How Can We Help Your Company?

If you are here because you own, manage or advise a telecommunications company and are in need of experienced legal counsel, we invite you to get in touch. Let’s schedule a time for you to meet with Angela and discuss how she can help keep your business growing, innovating, maximizing its profits, and managing its risks effectively. Whether you have questions about the risks involved with buying an existing telecommunications asset or you want to make sure you close a merger or acquisition on favorable terms, Angela can provide the insights you need to feel confident moving forward.

Let’s Start a Discussion Today

To learn more about how we help telecommunications companies navigate complex deals on time and on budget, contact us to arrange an initial consultation with Managing Attorney Angela Floyd. We represent companies in all industry segments throughout the United States. Schedule an appointment or tell us how we can reach you online, and we will be in touch with you shortly.